The Heavy Metal Crossfire With Powerwolf

Do you think you know more about metal than your fellow Hammership cruisers? Are you ready to join a team led by members of Powerwolf to prove your mental might in the ultimate metal-themed pub quiz? Then this activity is for YOU! We're seeking out 10 guests to participate in a one-of-a-kind battle to find out which team can survive the pressure of this heavy metal crossfire.

Stay tuned for more information and instructions on how to enter to be one of the lucky participants chosen to play! 

Meet the Metal Makers Q&A

When it comes to all things metal, we put our trust in those who have dedicated their lives to making life rock. These are the metal makers and without the talented individuals who make the metal world run, we wouldn't have festivals such as Hammership, Wacken Open Air, and more. In this series of onboard Q&As, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite bands and festivals are produced!

Hammership Tonight Show

Interviews, games, and performances with some of your favorite bands from the lineup are headed your way in our take on the classic late night television show. On Hammership, you will have the chance to participate in the games or be a part of the audience during this immersive activity.

Stay tuned for details on how you can enter to be a part of this metal mayhem!

Live Band Karaoke

This isn't your normal round of karaoke. This is karaoke with the dial turned up to 11! Not only will you get to rock out to your favorite metal song and show off your vocal chops. You'll also have a live backing band helping you wow the crowd when you take center stage as lead vocalist. The competition is sure to be fierce, so start practicing now and stay tuned for more information about signing up to participate! 


More Amenities

Along with days and nights filled with musical performances, fun and engaging activities will be a part of the experience, too! Many times you'll be right alongside your favorite metal bands from the lineup. In addition to programming that we'll plan especially for this festival, guests can enjoy the following amenities on Norwegian Jade:

Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs
Fitness Center
Jogging/Walking Track
Sports Court